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Media Release Regarding Allebban Obstruction of Justice Charges

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August 2, 2012ALLEBBAN MEDIA RELEASE:We are disappointed that the U.S. Attorney sought an indictment in this matter. While we support the government's efforts to rid the county of corruption, it is important to also recognize that not everyone who had dealings with individuals who admitted to wrongdoing is also guilty. I hope we can avoid labeling people guilty because of their associations.Mr. Allebban was a friend of both Mr. Kazmi and Mr. Shisha. Earlier this year Mr. Kazmi asked Mr. Allebban to deliver $24,000 which he said was a loan he had received from Mr. Shisha. The reason Mr. Kazmi asked Mr. Allebban to give the money back to Mr. Shisha is because he wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety in light of the investigation into actions by certain Wayne County officials. Mr. Allebban delivered the money to Mr. Shisha and told him that the money is the loan that Mr. Kazmi had taken from him. Mr. Allebban never received any funds, took loans, accepted gifts or bribes. He got caught up in the transactions between Shisha and Kazmi without ever knowing that the money was for contracts, bribes, access or any other inappropriate purpose. Every action Mr. Allebban took was based on the representations of Mr. Kazmi indicating that money he had received were all loans and that receipts for payments represented actual dates of repayment. Mr. Shisha also never denied that the money received by Kazmi were actual loans.From the beginning of the investigation, Mr. Allebban fully cooperated with Federal investigators, provided them unlimited access to his emails, and told them everything he knows about possible corruption within Wayne County. He hoped that once investigators discovered the truth they would understand that he had no part in any misconduct. He is an ethical, honest, devoted family man and forthright person. He would never participate in any unlawful activity or misconduct.Mr. Alleban's interview with Channel 7 news may be seen here.Haytham Faraj is a criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer practicing in the Metro Detroit and Chicago land area. He defends clients in complex white collar criminal cases, bank fraud, public corruption and business related criminal accusations. He may be reached here.

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