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Jury Acquits Sergeant Holcomb of Private Danny Chen's Death

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In a not suprising result, a military jury acqutted Army Sergeant Adam Holcomb of the most serious charges he faced in the suicide death of PVT Danny Chen. In October of 2011, Danny Chen killed himself after his family disowned him. That in combination with the terrible strain of being deployed in a combat environment led Chen to commit suicide. Chen took his life while on guard duty in a guard tower at a combat oupost in Afghanistan. Chen left a note written on his arm in a marker saying "tell my parents Im sorry."The Army jury of ten officers and enlisted soldiers were unpersuaded by frivilous prosection arguments seeking to convince the jury that Chen killed himself because he was maltreated or harassed. The acquitted sergeant Holcomb of the most serious charges in less than two hours at the Fort Bragg, NC, courtroom.Defense lawyers, including defense lawyer Haytham Faraj have consistently argued that no evidence exists to support the claim that Chen killed himself because of hazing. The hazing argument provides a convinient excuse for the Army becasue Army leaders needed to find reasons to explain the extraordinarily high number of deaths from suicide.Chen killed himself because his family disowned him and becasue the Army, under strain to ensure combat numbers enlisted and deployed, in Danny Chen, a solider who was not capable of adapting to Army life and who posed a threat to himself and his fellow soldiers. The argument that Chen took his life because he was hazed and maltreated provides a convinient though terribly specious excuse to explain the death. The result of that argument denies the parents of Danny Chen a meaniningful opportunity to undertstand why their son killed himself and victimizes eight honorable soldiers, one of whom is my client Sergeant Jeffery Hurst, who did nothing more than what their country asked them to do, to deploy to a combat zone and fight its wars. Their reward for the sacrifice they have made is to be wrongfully and unfairly accused of contributing to the death of a fellow soldier and being tried for his unfortunate self-inflicted death.Justice has finally been delivered to Sergeant Adam Holcomb and his family.Haytham Faraj, Esq.Haytham faraj is a former military lawyer and infantry officer who defends service members accused of serious crimes.

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