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Haytham Faraj Defends Boxer Martin Tucker in Bank Robbery Case

The Law Offices of Haytham Faraj, PLLC

Toledo Boxer, Martin Tucker, was arrested on July 16 for a bank robbery that took place on 2009 in Temperance Michigan. The arrest came after the FBI allegedly collected DNA evidence from a Q-tip that was used to swab blood from Mr. Tucker's nose during the boxng match. The FBI claims that the swab was compared to DNA obtained from evidence collected near a vehicle that was used as a the getaway car. The FBI claims that the vehicle contained DNA left on the steering wheel that mached Mr. Tucker's DNA.Although Mr. Tucker has substantial community connections and has a strong record of civic activities, the judge in his case ordered that Mr. Tucker be held in pretrial detention because he posed a risk of flight and a danger to the community.Mr. Tucker and his defense attorney Mr. Haytham Faraj are contemplating an appeal of the magistrate judge's decision to hold Mr. Tucker in pretrial detention. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for July 31. A preliminary hearing determines whether sufficient evidence exists to meet the probable cause standard before moving forward to a criminal prosecution.Mr. Tucker is married and father of five. In addition to being a professional boxer, he spends his free time coaching and teaching young kids boxing skills.Haytham Faraj is a criminal defense and trial attorney. He has represented clients in high profile case such as the so called Haditha massacre case, the Iraq espionage case in the Eastern District of Michigan and Navy Seals in detanee abuse cases. He may be reached at

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