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Criminal In-Justice System

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The justice system in the United States is in serious need of reform. Too often innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit or are forced to plead guilty because the system is set up to punish those who seek their day in court. Accordingly, lawyers convince clients to plead guilty because taking responsibility for something you did not do results in less severe punishment than pleading not guilty and then being found guilty.Lawyers that push clients to plead guilty justify their actions with the excuse that by doing so minimizes that client's risk of lengthy incarceration. Sadly, the Supreme court recognizes that citizens sometimes plead guilty to things they did not do but dismisses the injustice forced by a system set up to punish by relying on the system's so called right to go to trial and to refuse a plea. Essentially, the Supremes say that a plea is a contract that requires two willing parties. If someone decides to plead guilty when that person is innocent that's a freely made decision that courts need not busy themselves with.Such a pedestrian view of the criminal justice system ignores the realities that criminal defendants and their attorneys must live with:

  • limited discovery
  • immunity to prosecutors
  • cops for misconduct
  • elected judges in many states
  • federal court judges who are former prosecutors
  • limited defense resources while prosecutor offices and U.S. Attorneys enjoy substantial budgets -as compared to public defenders
  • guideline sentencing that ties the hands of judges

This occurs even in jurisdictions where guidelines are not mandatory, and punishes defendants who plead not guilty.No lawyer can guarantee an outcome but hiring a trial lawyer like the lawyers who undergo training at the Trial Lawyers College ensures a criminal defendant a fighting chance. Such lawyers are called trial warriors because they do not fear battling the government and have the courage to fight and win for their clients.Haytham FarajHaytham Faraj is a Chicago criminal defense attorney in private practice with offices in Chicago and Detroit Metro. He is a trial attorney who defends people accused in federal, state and military courts. He also represents people hurt by the acts of others. He is a proud graduate of the Trial Lawyers College and a member of the faculty.

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