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Gretchen P. and Family
Please Believe Me – There Is No Better Representation Than the Law Offices of Haytham Faraj
We contacted Mr. Faraj after we realized that the other civilian military attorney we retained during the early stages of the case was not what we expected. Mr. Faraj was involved with the case since day one. He mounted superior defense and offered his valuable support and guidance for us and our son throughout the entire litigation process. He was prepared for every possibility and outcome, and provided logical and irrefutable arguments for every point raised by the prosecution. Mr. Faraj’s professionalism, unprecedented respect of the ethics code, unmatchable passion for justice, legal experience, military background, remarkable detail-oriented approach to legal matters, as well as truly outstanding ability to emphatically defend his client set him apart from all other attorneys practicing in his field. During the court recess, I had the opportunity and privilege to discuss various possible outcomes of the case with Mr. Faraj. I was truly amazed by the level of personal integrity that he possesses. I honestly did not know that such people still exists today. There are not enough words to express our gratitude for his defense of our son. Please believe me – there is no better representation than The Law Offices of Haytham Faraj, PLLC.
Monte and Pam Hurst
He Saved Our Son’s Life
Our son was falsely accused of crimes leading to the suicide of another soldier in Afghanistan over 1 year ago. A retired Navy Commander family member told us to get him a civilian attorney who had served in the military, retired at least a Major and was a Marine. The search was fairly quick as Haytham Faraj’s name came up pretty quickly in the military community. We were told he was the “best”. He was everything we had heard and more. He took us under his protective umbrella, showed his kindness and professionalism. He was always only a text or call away. Mr. Faraj calmed this terrified family with his knowledge, determination to show the truth and painted the picture clearly and exceeded our expectations. He earned every drop of trust we put into him and we will forever be grateful. He saved our son’s life. A wonderful attorney and stellar human being. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
Maj. Edward (Ted)
He Has Been a Mentor, Trusted Friend, and an Example to Follow
I have been friends with Mr. Haytham Faraj, ESQ since we were together at The Citadel in the early ’90s. He has been a mentor, trusted friend, and an example to follow, while together we pursued commissions in the U.S. Marine Corps. So, Haytham was the first person I called (after Mom & Dad), when in June of 2009, much to my shock and chagrin, I was detained and questioned by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). The NCIS had suspected me of having committed an atrocious, appalling crime (specifically, a violation of the Law of Armed Conflict). Although, the suspicion was absolutely preposterous, the Marine Corps, as appropriate for the world’s most esteemed fighting organization, was obligated to follow through with a formal investigation. I retained Haytham’s legal counsel and was eventually charged with violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Nearly two years have passed, while investigatory measures and other legal formalities were resolved. While the prosecution was making their case, during the UCMJ Article 32 Hearing, Haytham uncovered previously withheld exculpatory evidence, coerced and/or non-percipient witnesses, and an extraordinarily faulty investigation conducted by a potentially nefarious NCIS Special Agent. Nonetheless, when the Defense (Haytham Faraj, ESQ) was given the opportunity, we simply rested without presenting a case; because, Haytham had already discredited the prosecution’s case so completely. Soon afterwards, the court martial convening authority dismissed the charge and its specifications without prejudice.
Maria Lekas
Not Enough Words to Express My Gratitude
I was lucky enough to have a close friend refer me to Haytham Faraj to represent me in a medical case. My unfortunate and unlucky circumstance was very personal to me. I felt very comfortable and safe disclosing personal information to Haytham because not only does he conduct himself with the utmost professionalism, but he showed me sincere empathy. He listened, cared, and documented all the details and information. As the case progressed, Haytham kept me in the know at all times, and explained things in lay man terms vs. too much law jargon that would most likely go over my head. He was and still is a text or a phone call away. As my case neared closure, there were times his staff would call me requesting some standard information, and they were always so timely and professional. I am thrilled to say that my case came to close and was favorable to me. This has given me personal closure and the ability to move on in life. There are not enough words that I can further write to express my deep gratitude to the Haytham and his staff. Thank you!
Thomas Muir
Haytham and His Staff Exude High Levels of Professionalism
The Law Offices of Haytham Faraj is exactly what you need when faced with a legal dilemma. In all instances, Haytham and his staff exude high levels of professionalism while fully conveying their genuine care about you and the situation you're presently enduring. Haytham has expert legal knowledge, high moral fiber and is in possession of a tireless work ethic he uses to ensure right is done by you, his client, no matter how arduous the circumstances you are facing. He additionally goes to great lengths to ensure you fully understand the legal situation as it is unfolding and returns phone calls in a very timely manner. If you're facing a legal situation and want to ensure your interests will be taken care of, look no further than The Law Offices of Haytham Faraj.
Alex Brickhouse
He Will Give His Everything With Always Having You In Mind!
Haythem Faraj is one of the best attorneys you'll ever come across. He is a man who will give his everything with always having you in mind! He is a true attorney that will give his all into each and every case he gets. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to take care of my case. He can read you just by meeting you. There are some attorneys that will make you feel like they will take care of you. This man will take in what you've been through and treat it as if its one of his own family members. He is a true believer in your rights and wont give up!

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