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Sorry for the long delay for thanking your for your masterful defense I watched with awe as you argued the motion for undue influence and with it the rapier questioning of the witnesses. The case in chief where you reeled in each of the jury members having them and me on the edge of our seats. Sitting back listening to the prosecutor's arguments then pouncing like a cat at each point. Or perhaps. the image was more similar to a fencing match. Then, your quiet dramatic scenes where the witnesses and the jury is in the midst of the theatre and they become the players. And, finally your closing arguments which were not bombastic, but thorough. You exuded self confidence as you made the last moment decisions when or whether to include witnesses for the defense or the accused himself. I was fascinated when the primary defense witness lineup came for the "left overs" of the proesution discards. .These last witnesses answered the final questions in the jurors minds. I certainly know why dramatists and novelists use the courtrooom as the setting. Unfortunately, due to the emotional strain of the case I could not feel the true pleasure of the drama. Maybe in time I will be able to look back at the last four years, read the 10 volumes of transcript and remember that it was a "good read". Your Mom must be very proud!!!

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