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Why is Driving in the Rain More Dangerous?

Why is Driving in the Rain More Dangerous?

Statistics have proven just how much more dangerous driving in the rain can be. In fact, such studies have shown that rain can cause even more auto accidents compared to snow, ice, and other inclement weather conditions. Why? Well, not every state experiences snow or ice; however, they do experience rain. In addition, many people tend to drive less carefully in the rain compared to driving on icy or snowy roads. Next, many people underestimate the dangers associated with driving in the rain, as well as the hazards of wet roads. 

Unfortunately, many drivers do not realize just how dangerous and slick wet pavement is. When pavement becomes wet, the oil deposits that are leftover on the roads begin to rise, making the road slick. As a result, tires lose traction on the road.

Another reason as to why rain can be so dangerous is because when standing water accumulates on the road, cars can lose contact with the surface of the road and hydroplane, causing you to lose control of the vehicle. In addition, when you combine wet roads with reduced visibility while driving due to rain and fog, this can significantly increase the risk of an accident.

Tips For Driving in the Rain

If you can avoid driving in the rain, it is best to do so. However, avoiding it completely is not possible for a lot of people due to many reasons, such as work, school, etc. With that being said, here are some tips for driving in the rain:

  • Give yourself a sufficient amount of time to get to your destination so you do not have to rush while driving.
  • Slow down and keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles.
  • Ensure that all of your vehicle’s equipment is in working condition, such as headlights, tail lights, windshield wipers, and tire tread.
  • Keep an eye out for standing water on the road; however, if you are unable to avoid it, drive slowly and try to keep at least two of the wheels on drier pavement (if it is possible).
  • Avoid pressing down hard on the brakes, as it can cause your car to slide when on wet roadways.

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