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In November 2010, allegations of misconduct were made against me. Since I was in a training environment I was pulled from my platoon and sent to a different section until the investigation was over. In February 2011, I was officially charged with Article 90, Assaulting or willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, 6 specifications, Article 92, Failure to obey order or regulation, 14 specifications, Article 93, Cruelty and Maltreatment, 3 specifications and Article 134, Obstructing Justice, 1 specification. After my charges were read I was told that I was being taken to a Special Court Martial. All I could think was, “WOW, 10 years of faithful service and no adverse paperwork in my record and now I’m going to a court martial”. I met with my military counsel and although I thought he would do his best to defend me, I wasn’t comfortable with his minimal effort and lack of experience practicing military law. There are some things you can’t buy and that is time and experience. In my case, I needed someone that was seasoned in military law. I started to meet with different civilian lawyers and never felt like they were confident with my case. I finally contacted a friend of mine and she recommended Haytham Faraj. She assured me that he was a great lawyer and he would fight for me. Before I met Haytham I was really nervous because I had such bad experiences with the other lawyers. When he walked into the conference room to meet me, my first reaction was to sit up straight and place my left hand on my left knee and my right hand on my right knee (the way D.I’s teach their recruits to sit properly) his demeanor and presence alone made me feel confident. As soon as we were done with our conversation I hired him and left the office thinking, “If this lawyer can walk into a room and make me feel like that then I would hate to be the prosecution going against him”. Throughout the time that we were waiting to go to trial I met with Haytham a few times and he remained confident that everything was going to be alright. It was a very emotional period in my life and it takes a lot to ask someone for help that you just met and tell them, “Here is my life, here is my career. I trust you will help me as much as possible”. If I ever felt discouraged with my case, my faith in Haytham was renewed and I knew that he would fight 110% for me. He truly cared and understood my concerns. Haytham’s honesty about every option available to me helped me stay confident in my case. He would never hide the possibility of a conviction and reminded me that it was always my decision at any step to accept a plea deal or to go to trial. I knew what I could live with and wanted to continue with the trial. Haytham assured me he would be right there next to me and I wouldn’t be alone. In August 2011, I watched Haytham fight like a Marine on the battlefield. He located, closed with and destroyed the enemy. He discredited EVERY witness, caught people in lies and demanded that the truth be told about the allegations and the real story behind them. He completely broke down the prosecution’s case and they had no choice but to rest (or surrender). I saw Haytham fight with passion and heart. I expected nothing less from him. My case resulted in a full acquittal of all charges. Going through the stress of a trial and the uncertainties of my future and my career is a horrible feeling. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. If it wasn’t for my family and few friends that stood by my side and the ABSOLUTE BEST lawyer around I don’t know where I would be right now. I could only imagine what an honor it would’ve been to serve my country with (retired Major) Haytham Faraj. After my trial I felt that if I would have been a Marine under his command, he wouldn’t have left my side in combat. The last day of my trial when it was just Haytham, my military counsel and I, that were standing side by side to hear the judge read the verdict, “Not guilty of all charges and specifications, I truly understood the meaning of a Marine never leaves a Marine behind. As my lawyer, Haytham fought the good fight to the best of his ability and succeeded. I do not know if I can ever say thank you enough to Haytham for his hard work, dedication and lack of sleep he sacrificed during the trial. But he saved my life and my career and I can speak from experience that he will fight for you and NEVER let you down. Choose Haytham Faraj it was the best decision I ever made and you won’t regret it, I didn’t. Thank you Haytham, I am extremely grateful.

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