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Haytham has a wealth of experience in the Marine Corps, rising through the enlisted ranks to Staff Sergeant, then earning a commission, serving as an infantry officer and then earning the distinction as a judge advocate in the Marines before retiring as a Major. He has been practicing for several years as a civilian defense counsel in both military and civilian criminal defense cases. He is a graduate of the esteemed Jerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College. He recently represented me in a complex sexual assault case that lasted over two years in the military after facing charges in the civilian courts. The case involved multiple accusations of rape and sexual assault and a litany of unscrupulous charges attempting to gain a conviction at all costs. His knowledge, persistence, preparation, and especially his presence in the courtroom were phenomenal. In pre-trial motions he knows the battles to fight and earns the respect of the judge and opposing counsel for his candor and demeanor. In trial, he connects with the members/jurors in a way that only a seasoned military professional with keen legal experience can. My case resulted in a full acquittal on all the rape and sexual assault charges. I put my absolute faith in his abilities and he never let me down.

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