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I have personally known Haytham Faraj for over 15 years, and had the privilege to serve with him in the Marines. And while I consider him a dear friend and colleague, I also knew I needed him to handle a civil case my company was involved in, not because he is my friend, but because Haytham is hands down the best litigation attorney I have ever known. (and after 15 years of running a company I have known many) Several other attorneys reviewed the case and simply wanted to try and settle. I wanted justice. I wanted to win in court, so I called Haytham. Haythams preparation for the case and trial were beyond impressive. He was literally preparing for "battle" in that court room. No matter how the trial ended I knew that no one could have prepared any more than Haytham did. And in court it showed. He continually out classed and outperformed the other attorney. I only wish I could have videotaped the trial and his mastery of cross examination to get the defendant to admit his wrong doing. He connected with the jury and told my story, and won me the verdict I had been seeking for nearly 7 years.

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