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Haytham gave my life back

I was charged with 17 counts of predatory sexual assault. I thought my life was over. I met so many lawyers including Haytham. He was the only one that listened to my story and built a connection with me. He's incredibly smart, patient and knowledgeable. He gave me hope and fought so hard for me. The case took three long years, but through his tenacity and determination he helped get me free and not guilty on all charges. The way that he portrayed himself in court with his speaking skills and his knowledge of the law is un matched. No one can stand against him. I was facing a life sentence for those charges Haytham gave me my life back. He made everyone in my family cry tears of joy for bringing me back home to them. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and I'm glad that I met him and hired him to represent me.

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