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Biking Safety Tips

Biking Safety Tips

Biking is a great eco-friendly way for cyclists to get around, while also getting some exercise in. While biking has a number of benefits, there are also many risks associated with it, especially in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles. In the congested streets of Los Angeles, bicyclists have to share the streets with vehicles, which can pose many hazards even if a bicyclist is on a designated path.

While bicyclists can’t control other drivers, it is crucial for bicyclists to practice safety measures that can reduce the risks of an accident from occurring. In this blog, you will learn about some of the most important biking safety tips.

  1. Check your equipment

One thing that many people seem to forget is the importance of checking your equipment. As a bicyclist, it is imperative to inspect your bike before going for a ride. Here are some things to inspect:

  • Adjust the seat to ensure it is at the proper height and locked in place
  • Check all parts to make sure they are secure and working properly
  • Make sure the tires are inflated properly
  • Your bicycle should be equipped with reflectors
  • A bell or horn, along with a rear-view mirror and a bright headlight should also be installed
  1. See and be seen

As a bicyclist, you always want to make sure that you pay attention to your surroundings at all times and make sure that you are seen by other drivers. Here are some tips to make sure that other drivers see you:

  • Wear brightly colored clothing
  • Avoid riding at night
  • If you must ride at night, then make sure to wear reflective clothing and utilize flashing lights
  1. Wear a helmet

Another extremely important safety tip is to always wear a proper helmet while riding your bicycle. Everyone should wear a helmet when riding a bicycle--adults and children--regardless of the duration of the bike ride. Also, make sure that the helmet is properly fitted to reduce the risk of a potentially life-threatening head injury.

  1. Remain alert and follow the rules of the road

It is also important to get acquainted with the rules of the road as a bicyclist to keep yourself as safe as possible. In addition, always remain alert and use hand signals when turning.

  1. Watch for road hazards

As a bicyclist, it is of utmost importance to watch for road hazards. For example, potholes, wet roads, debris, and other hazards can be extremely dangerous so it is essential to keep an eye out when riding.

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