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3 Million Dollar Settlement Reached in Traumatic Brain Injury Suit against Lowes

3 million Dollar Settlement Reached in Personal Injury Lawsuit for TBIThe Law Offices of Haytham Faraj along with our co-counsel Law Office of Pajman Jassim and Associates successfully negotiated a settlement for our injured client in the case of Nguyen v. Lowes Home Improvement Centers in San Diego, CA. Mr. Nguyen was injured after he went to purchase a pergola. Mr. Nguyen was told that he had to disassemble the pergola himself. While he was doing so a beam fell on his head resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury has received wide spread attention after movies like concussion and injuries suffered by veterans has shed light on the often lifelong effects of the injury on cognition, memory, behavior, emotion and brain health.Mr. Jassim, the original lawyer on the case, brought in Haytham Faraj to try the case and to assist in working on the case because of his expertise in Traumatic Brain Injury cases. Haytham Faraj and Mr. Jassim developed a litigation plan and worked up the case jointly until the point when Lowes requested an opportunity to mediate a settlement. At that point Mr. Faraj and famed trial lawyer, and Mr. Faraj's trial partner, Nicholas Rowley developed a plan for mediation which Mr. Rowley executed and settled the case.Haytham Faraj has been brought in by other lawyers to help work-up and try dozens of cases. To consult with Mr. Faraj regarding a case call 312-635-0800.

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